Student Summary of Benefits

Mercer University’s Student Health Insurance Program (MUSHiP) provides comprehensive student health coverage at a very affordable rate. Mercer Medicine is the primary healthcare provider for this progressive program. Mercer's practicing faculty possess credentials from the world's finest medical institutions and over 90 percent hold the highest attainable degree in their field.
Student Health Insurance Program Highlights
  • Student Health referral is required at both Macon and Atlanta campus locations
  • Primary Care Provider (Macon Campus): Mercer Medicine
  • Specialty Provider Network included (referral required from SHC)
  • Inpatient/outpatient/office visit benefits included
  • Prescription drug card provided: applicable co-pays apply
  • Program Administration: CORE Management Resources: 888-741-2673 (CORE)
  • Dedicated website:

All enrolled Mercer Students are required to have health insurance. Students are not required to purchase this plan in order to be seen at the Student Health Center. Mercer has a “hard waiver” policy which automatically enrolls and invoices each student. If a student carries their own primary insurance or is covered under their parent's insurance, the student is able to “waive” the university sponsored program but must do so each semester/or session before the articulated deadline. Students may waive the insurance by going to the following MUSHiP website:



  • Domestic and International Students taking (3) or more credit hours.
  • Graduate or Professional Students enrolled in the graduate or professional program, taking three (3) or more hours and making appropriate progress toward graduation.
  • Dependent(s) of Covered Students. Eligible Dependents include the Spouse or any dependent child of the Covered Student.

The student health insurance program rates are age banded per semester. These rates can be found on page 2 of the Schedule of Benefits Summary.



** You may be eligible for healthcare coverage under a parent’s employer or under a parent’s individual health insurance policy if you are under the age of 26. Contact the plan administrator of the parent’s employer plan or the parent’s individual health insurance issuer for more information.

**Please be advised that students covered under insurance policies issued outside of Georgia will often be considered “out of network” if and when medical services are rendered. Please compare the competitive price offered by the Mercer University Student Health Program before completing a plan waiver.

Please call our MUSHiP customer service staff with any questions at 888-741-2673 (CORE) or 478-741-3521