Appeals Guidelines


 A courtesy reminder is e-mailed to all students’ Mercer e-mail account as well as to the secondary e-mail account listed in their Mercer record one week prior to the deadline each term. Students have also been e-mailed notifications of unpaid balances on their account by the Bursar’s office which includes the balance of the cost of the insurance premium.

It is the responsibility of all students to monitor their Mercer e-mail account as well as tuition payments due. Failure to:  (1) read your Mercer e-mail; (2) respond to overdue payment notices; or (3) monitor your tuition payment is not justification for removing the charge. Forgetting to complete the waiver orfinding an e-mail in junk mail or a spam file folder after the deadline is not justification for removing the charge. Mercer maintains records of all its e-mails sent to students.

Because Mercer requires all students to have health insurance coverage, the only way to insure compliance with this policy is to post the charge to all students’ tuition prior to the start of each semester.  If students have existing coverage under another policy and do not need the coverage offered through the university, it is the responsibility of the student to complete a waiver providing proof of their coverage by a stated deadline. Instructions on how to complete that process (along with the deadline) is listed on the Bursar’s website as well as the reminder e-mail.  Once the individual waiver is approved by the deadline, the charge is reversed off the student’s account. 

Very soon after the deadline, Mercer creates a roster of those who did not complete the waiver by the deadline and those students are immediately covered by the policy provided by CORE Management, the school’s insurance provider.  Mercer pays CORE for this coverage in order to make sure all uninsured students are in compliance.

Once the roster has been finalizedand Mercer has paid CORE for the coverage on all individuals who did not complete the waiver, that is money Mercer has paid out and therefore the charge cannot be removed.  CORE will not issue individual refunds.Therefore, because this expense is not refundable, it is the responsibility of the student to pay for the cost of the coverage, whether they need it or not.

Students may be offered a one-time appeal if filed within (five business days after the close of the waiver deadline). Only those appeals based on documentation from e-mails from CORE that verify the waiver process was approved will be considered. If a waiver was denied based on incorrect information provided, students are responsible for providing correct information by the stated deadlines listed on the Waiver Period page under the Plan Information menu.

NOTE:Failure to respond to a request from CORE for correct information does not constitute grounds for appeal.  Carefully review this document before sending your appeal.

Your appeal will be considered only if the stated conditions apply.  If considered, it will be reviewed by a committee to determine if it is approved or rejected.

Send appeal to - do not call – appeals must be made via e-mail.

Include your name and Mercer Student ID # in your appeal.